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15ml 110ml Rhinestone Glue DIY Jewelry Tools Crystal Sealant Glass Mobile

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Description B-6000 Acrylic Diamond glue (automatic leveling type) is a Diamond for drilling acrylic and plastic special glue matrix composites Product Features Bonding characteristics: the ability to permanently bonding different materials, superior adhesion and adhesion. Sealing characteristics: sealed and isolated from the gas, liquid and air flow in an underwater environment with excellent long-term glue bond strength. Technical Parameters Uncured: Solid content: 30% (by weight) Density: 11.1 lbs / gal VOC: 1.198 g / l Full cure time: Film: 24 hours; thick :48-72 hours Freeze / thaw: Before opening the lid to allow the product to reach room temperature Storage: stored at temperature of 10 C to 27 C Dry time: 5 minutes Color: Transparent, Viscosity: 100,000 cps (medium) Shelf life: 12 months Typical Characteristics and Uses 1. Adhesive rhinestones 2. Repair ceramic and wood figurines 3. Replace broken glass fragments on 4. Crafts metal assembly design 5. Repair courtyard and garden statues 6. Repair cracks and cracks in wood frame 7. Rebuilding damaged edge angle 8. Fill nail holes and drill holes 9. The ceramic pieces of wood or metal adhesion in concrete adhesion 10. can be used for heavy traffic areas, as a protective layer of the contact surface. 11. acid, and can be used in acid environments (such as saline or sulfuric acid) as an anti-corrosion protective coating. 12. Insulation: insulation with excellent dielectric properties and resistance properties, highly desirable for electronic equipment. 13. flammable. Use Methods and Precautions One should read the instructions before use, use in a well-ventilated area. Bonding surface should be clean, dry, dust-free, is a difficult adhesive material surface prior to application to the appropriate treatment to ensure the bonding strength. Optimum temperature between 21 C to 29 C, using a small area before the formal experiment. 2 The B-6000 adhesive is directly coated on the surface to be bonded for maximum strength, so that the adhesive member was dried for 24 to 72 hours. Curing time will be prolonged when the winter cold, but does not affect its bonding strength, curing time under high temperature will shorten. Hand-held hair dryer can be used to accelerate the curing file should be set at a low temperature, not directly into the colloid. 3 can be cleared with acetone or naphtha glue is dry. Cured material can be removed with a tool or scrape. 4 for fiber bonding crafts, do not dry the fiber product Package Includes: 1 x B-600 Glue

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